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Family Law

Appleton Law handles all aspects of Family Law, whether the issue is Divorce, Visitation, Custody, Child Support, Establishing Parentage, Maintenance, Adoption, Guardianship, Orders of Protection, Domestic Violence, or Modification of existing Court Orders.

As a Family Law practitioner, I take a pragmatic approach and seek to act in the best interest of my clients and their children while dividing marital property both equally and efficiently. I encourage situations that benefit the well-being of all parties but I am not afraid to confront the source of family problems and be aggressive when necessary.

Criminal Law

Appleton Law handles criminal matters ranging from DUI, misdemeanors, felonies, alcohol and drug charges, battery, financial crimes, vehicle crimes, driver’s license reinstatement, bond reduction, to revocation of probation.

As a Criminal attorney, I advise my client how to carefully negotiate the criminal system and determine whether a criminal matter is suited for a trial or best left to negotiation with the State. I carefully scrutinize all evidence presented by the State’s Attorney and maintain my client’s innocence until absolutely proven guilty.

Estate Law

Appleton Law handles estate matters from Probate, Wills, Trusts, Guardianships, Transfer on Death Instruments, Powers of Attorney and the handling of Taxes, Administration of Assets, Liquidation, Payment of Debts, and litigation both prosecuting and defending Will Contests, Undue Influence and Fraud.

As an Estate attorney, I assist in choosing the appropriate estate plan designed to protect your family while creating a clear method of administration and distribution of your assets. I also assist Executors, Administrators, and Trustees in properly performing their duties as well as Heirs and Beneficiaries in enforcing their rights.

General Practice Litigation

Appleton Law handles other aspects of the law as well, including Commercial Litigation, Contract Drafting, Real Estate, Insurance, Personal Injury, Legal Malpractice, Accounting, and Tax matters. No matter what the issue, I have the experience to advise you on the steps necessary to be successful in Court.