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As a beneficiary to a family trust, I called upon August to ensure the Trustee overseeing the fund was properly managing the account. Good thing I did! Within a few short months, August tracked down missing assets, got EVERYTHING returned, all while AVOIDING a costly Court process. August made a difficult situation easy and got the results I needed fast.

J. A.

I was charged with a Class 2 Felony that could have sent me to prison for 3-7 years. The felony charge would have also ruined my chances to enter into the Military, which I planned to do. I hired August Appleton, who did the research and proved that I should have never been charged with a Felony. The Judge granted Mr. Appleton’s motion to dismiss the felony. I didn’t serve any jail time and I should start training in the near future!


When I got dragged into an ugly lawsuit related to an old employer of mine, I hired August and he began digging into complex issues related to corporate duties right a way. August has kept me informed throughout the entire process and given me comfort during a situation when I otherwise felt totally overwhelmed. I would recommend August for any legal matters.